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Appreciation Post: Kodabear

Almost two full years ago, my boyfriend Nick and I drove over an hour to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter because they were having an event to promote animal adoption. We knew we wanted a dog in the future, but we were just browsing with open minds when we visited the shelter that beautiful Sunday afternoon!

After walking aimlessly up and down the rows of kennels, we came across this really oversized, sad, two year old pup. He had no information on his kennel, so we went up to the desk to ask about him. Turns out, he was just recently returned to the shelter due to issues he was having with his adoptive family’s other animals. We asked if we could see him privately in a play room… We filled out some paper work and questionnaires and made our way back to see “Agave”. As we waited, we heard this bear sized dog’s nails skating across the cement floor, pulling the volunteer to see us. That sad dog laying in the kennel was now a happy, crazy ball of energy! All 80lbs jumped right up into Nick’s arms and we knew we had to adopt him that day!

Koda before he got on his new food regimen! Over 80lbs!

Koda as of March 4th, 2018!

He can still be crazy and energetic at times, but totally worth adopting! I would advise anyone searching for a pet to adopt. You are truly saving their lives. It was the best feeling walking out of that shelter, putting him in the back of our car, and watching him sleep the whole drive to his new home! The experience of showing him all of his new surroundings took a little while for him to adjust to, including his new name “Koda”. We love him so much!

Enjoy some pictures of our Kodabear 🖤 and remember to adopt!

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Hello everyone!

I know many of you are wondering why I started this blog. Others may be wondering what a quaintrelle is and why I define myself as one. I’m going to dissect the definition of a quaintrelle and explain how I can relate to each aspect of a quaintrelle’s outlook on life.

This blog is going to be based on inspiring people to enjoy life’s pleasures by suggesting my favorite pastimes, things I’m passionate about, and how I express myself.

“A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures.”

1. “…emphasizes a life of passion…”

I am very passionate about living life to the fullest. Living my life, my way, is so important to me. Right here in our community, we are fortunate to have an amazing university and job opportunities all around us. There are so many small business vendors and talented individuals that share a mutual passion for living their entrepreneurial dreams. I too am passionate about my dream of sharing my blog and inspiring people across the globe to enjoy life.

2. “… expressed through personal style…”

Individuality is such an important feature to have. I have fun expressing myself through my appearance. My current job requires me to wear athletic clothing. Usually the extent of my “uniform” is a tshirt and black yoga pants. That being said, when I have the opportunity to dress up and express my style, people don’t even recognize me.

3. “…leisurely pastimes…”

Leisurely pastimes are extremely important. I have learned to participate in things I enjoy. Having spare time is something that many of us do not have. Full-time school with the addition of one or two jobs, does not allow for a lot of leisure. However, I have learned to make time for it. I have always loved dancing and I plan to make time for more dance classes this coming season. Until then, I enjoy doing yoga at home, reading a book, or going jogging. In shorter periods of leisure I may watch Netflix, paint my nails, or make myself a treat. For those of you that do not have many opportunities for leisure, please treat yourself to a week long vacation!

4. “…charm…”

What can I say about charm? It’s self explanatory. I try to present myself with poise and charm. I have always had an old soul and acted mature for my age. Many of my friends are the same way. I have been seeing it more and more in this generation.

5. “…cultivation of life’s pleasures.”

When life gives you lemons; make lemonade. Make the most out of everything and enjoy the little pleasures in life. Always try your very best and you will be blessed.

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo Shelby

How do you define yourself? Can you relate to a quaintrelle? Leave a comment!