Hidden Paradise

Tucked back in the trees I have found my little slice of heaven on earth. The birds sing and the coyotes howl! I open up my folding chair and open up a book. I can sit in the warm sun, for hours while my boyfriend finds the catch of the day.

Whether you are looking for a fishing hole or a great environment to camp, you will find your happy place at the Mahoning County Sportsman’s Club. One of the best perks of this oasis; it is a private club. This means it’s clean, quiet, private, and everyone is friendly! Take your pick; hiking, fishing, camping, swimming and so much more.

Summer nights, your best friends, and bonfires all make for some fun memories! You can see every star in the sky and hear every insect and every animal because it’s so quiet and peaceful! Unfortunately, the cold winter weather will be around for awhile which limits what you can do at the club. But thinking about it always takes me to my happy place! Looking forward to opening day!

Appreciate life’s little pleasures and find your happy place!




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